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NFT Bali April 9, 10, 11 2022 LIVE & LIVESTREAM




NFT Bali

30 Days of Magic

NFT Bali will be the first of its kind, a 30-day event attracting the web3 & NFT community from all over the world to gather together on the “Island of the Gods”. For the entire month of May, The Collective will provide visitors an unparalleled occasion to meet, discuss and party with top-tier web3 founders. 

Visitors will receive first-hand information about some of the best brands and projects while gaining access to some of the most exclusive NFT & Web3 communities at some of the supreme locations in Bali.

Who are we?

The Collective is an invite-only founders club representing the core values of true web3 philosophy: the shift from egocentric business to fair distributions of wealth and power.

We support some of the world’s most successful NFT projects to make this shift in a meaningful way by connecting top-tier founders with tools, infrastructure, talent and off-chain businesses.

The main goals

  • To educate the web3 community about Bali as one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world which already hosts a broad spectrum of offerings for remote workers and web3 enthusiasts.
  • Position our favorite businesses in Bali at the forefront of innovation, bringing new tourism, capital & fresh eyes to the Island after more than 2 years of the island being closed.

    The concept:

    NFT brands have successfully raised a significant amount of money and many of them have “events” on their roadmap. The challenge for them is to find the right connections with off-chain businesses and infrastructure to offer real-world value and meaningful benefits to be holders of these NFT’s.

    Brands not yet in the NFT space are making significant efforts to be a part of the cultural and business revolution we are all collectively experiencing. This is a way to merge the best of both worlds.

    Our network of founders spans across the globe, we aim to fill Bali with the web3 spirit, philosophy and attract even more innovators to join Bali on its way to become the NFT Capital of this side of the world.

    Web3 Partners will...

    • Provide branding / story-driven art & content to web2 partners
    • Provide PR & marketing directly to their community (anywhere between 10-200k sized audiences)
    • Provide capital based on chosen benefits for their holders
    • Provide POAPS (digital receipts or proof of attendance at different events & locations)
    • We can assist with all of the above.

      Off-chain Partners will...

      • Provide meaningful experiences
      • Market to your audience
      • Market through their media channels
      • Provide exclusive benefits on location to NFT Holders of partnered brands.
      • We can assist with all of the above.

        What we do for NFT Bali Visitors

        • Logistics handled by our events team
        • Concierge services
        • Visa partnership teams will ensure travelers get here smoothly
        • Special deals for hotels, restaurants and more
        • Rental companies will ensure all travelers have easy transport & ease of access island-wide

          Some of our Partners

          This list is not exhaustive & is being added to every week.

          Platinum Sponsors

          • Ekta – A layer 1 blockchain that uses the EVM, focused on lifestyle and tokenising of real world assets.
          • Blue moon dogs – A yet to be released NFT Collection focused on lifestyle, luxury & first access information, in close collaboration with Ekta

          Silver Sponsors

          • Land Vault – the #1 digital real estate developer over 800% bigger than number two.
          • Creepy Creams – An early NFT project that focuses on gaming, metaverse presence, and play to earn mechanics.
          • Yen Gin – is the first NFT tokenised Gin membership club with all kinds of benefits as a member of their 92 Genesis NFT’s on Rarible. Their Gin will be at our events & everyone will get to try + be invited to a tasting event & bar show.
          • Wyndblast – The only sponsor built on AVAX with a play to earn focused model. Their game will be surrounding an auto battler / auto-chess type game (think Dota underlords or Teamfight tactics by LoL). They have all kinds of things including Forging, breeding, staking & currently have over 98% of their collection staked.
          • The Cyber Hornets – Focused on the entertainment industry in the form of Comics, gamefi & metaverse experiences. With DC artists & Marvel writers on their payroll, they are a sleeping giant we believe will pop off as they continue to deliver their roadmap. They also sealed a meaningful deal with TCG worlds & are building some pretty cool things!
          • Hunnys – Seen as the sisterhood of the NFT community, it is a female led project which aims to depict the human experience in conjunction to a highly technologically advanced society that have unlocked key secrets to biotechnology.
          • Mad Meerkat – The team has innovated at every corner & you can purchase their NFT’s with CRO tokens. They have an OG collection on ETH & a generative full collection on CRO. They are a robust community that always has people hanging out together in their voice chats
          • House Of Stoxx – Meir Barak with a strong following of over 100k traders who have learned from one of the best they are innovating with their NFT membership, focused on the financial aspects of NFT’s, education on trading & first access information. They will be guaranteeing a lifetime buyback clause for their NFT’s – capping the max risk should you decide to be a part of their movement. They will also be presenting on a panel with the dexpools team – as seen in a previous web3.0 partner announcement above.
          • Dexpools – a DEFI p2p platform focused on cross-chain interoperability, enabling a truly decentralised world of p2p trading.
          • Tokocrypto – Indonesian based CEX focused on education, community & enabling mass adoption. Built on BSC & supported by Binance.

          Dining, Resort & Beach Clubs

          • Avalon Villas– is a magical place with rooms and living spaces carved into the stone mountain.
          • – One of the highest rated boutique hotels in Bali 50m from the beach and one of the main meeting hubs we will utilise.
          • – Part of the Tamora Group, a gorgeous hub for retail, delicious food, studio space and a prime workshop location. Family friendly, jam packed with lots of activities.
          • WhereNext.Oasis– A gorgeous health focused resort 500m from the beach with stunning facilities and right in the heart of Canggu.
          • thub.tko – Thub by Tokocrypto features an exchange on the second floor above a gorgeous event space with a pool and bar. With free co-working for NFT Bali visitors + a free drink at every workshop.
          • – One of the most renowned beach front locations on the island. An enchanting yet wild experience for those that like the sea breeze.


          • – A gastro-pub & cocktail bar in the heart of Canggu, tucked away on a side street with classic pub food & exquisite cocktails in a contemporary venue with a vintage touch.
          •– Sunset, food, drinks, surf, and music served over a daybed overlooking the Indian Ocean. A blend of daytime lounging, intimate dinners, and infamous Friday nights.
          • – looking over green rice paddies, a perfect place to not only share a meal or drink, but have conversations and great times with friends.
          •– Enjoy fine dining with the best local and organic ingredients, with a restaurant in the front and a club in the back.
          • – When you dine at Hotel Tugu Bali, you travel back through time hundreds of years, and discover the different eras, places, as well as long-ago experiences of Indonesia through cuisine.
          •– (Milano) – Milanese inspired restaurant, the food menu provides comfort, delivering authentic, simple and fulfilling dishes influenced by Italian cuisine
          • – Finns Beach Club provides an experience like no other in Bali. All who visit this piece of paradise are in awe of its beauty, offering 2 pools, 5 bars and 2 restaurants paired with live music and the Berawa surf.

          Night Out/ Gathering

          • theshadypig – A hidden bar in the heart of Canggu, a classy vibe offering live music and place where you can have conversations and let loose.
          • Shady Fox – Located in Pererenan, similar to its sister Shady Pig, this club is a speakeasy, often with live music, red velvet seats and fantastic drinks
          • behindthegreendoor_bali– Enjoy a club, presenting you with amazing local DJ’s, great hospitality and a VIP vibe.
          • – Party in multiple spots at potatohead, whether that be the rooftop bar, by the pool in in other hidden locations throughout the property, this is a place to experience music, eat amazing food and drink with friends.
          • – Located in Seminyak, the ShiShi ascends three distinct floors. Each defining class in its own way. From Izakaya Lounge on the ground floor through rhythmic techno house on the 2nd floor and RnB party vibes on the rooftop.
          •– This villa will provide you with an oasis of pure relaxation and renewal in the heart of nature’s most beautiful scenery.
          • vault.bali – Located behind Tamora gallery a door leads you to underground club, full of eccentric music and a bar.
          •– A Beach Club experience presenting Indonesian traditional design and hospitality, embracing Balinese culture.

          Recovery + Self Care

          • – Yoga classes, Workshops, Events, Yoga training, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Dance and more
          •– An integrated healing yoga resort offering retreat, wellness and detox lifestyle to alleviate the stress of modern living that located in Canggu, Bali. Featuring four beautiful yoga shalas, a Spa with water healing pool, sauna, herbal steam room, hot Jacuzzi and cold plunge as well as a meditation cave.
          • – A location to workout, get rid of your hangover with an ice bath, before you destress and relax in a dipping pool or hot bath.
          •– Offering a variety of facilities, this an optimal place to learn yoga, meditate and enjoy conversations with your community.
          •– This location presents you with true pampering treatment, with massages, IV therapy (great after a long night out), other treatments and facilities in a calming environment.

          Co-working + Workshop

          • – Visit a web3/NFT gallery in Ligian, with a collaborative workspace, events, fresh coffee and high speed internet
          • – Committed to bringing the best work space experience to entrepreneurs, traveling professionals, small business teams through active community interactions.
          • – A Hub for Creators, right here in Canggu, share ideas, hang out and learn from your peers


          For all inquiries please put NFT Bali in subject title for priority bookings

          BALI HOTELS CHSE Certified

          • 1) Tugu Hotel, Canggu – 5 star
            Reservations email:, cc:
          • 2) Potato Head Studios / Katamama Hotel @Desa Potatohead, Seminyak – 5 star
            Reservations email:
          • 3) Aston Canggu – 4 star
            Reservations Email :
            Phone : +6281338704770

          BALI HOTELS (non CHSE)

          • Desa Seni Hotel, Berawa, Canggu – 3 star
            Reservations email:
          • White Goose Boutique Hotel, Berawa, Canggu – 3 star
            Reservations email:
            Phone: +6281339382429
          • Zin Hotel, Canggu – 4 star
            Reservations email:
            Phone: +6281131116646
          We do our very best to ensure the teams we work with are vetted, professional, and have strong values which we believe will ensure they are brands that will be around for a long time coming.






          Thursday 04.08.2022 12:00 - 22:00

          ParQ Ubud Sri Wedari No.24, Tegallalang,
          Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar,
          Bali 80571