Our Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

  • Ekta – A layer 1 blockchain that uses the EVM, focused on lifestyle and tokenising of real world assets.
  • Blue moon dogs – A yet to be released NFT Collection focused on lifestyle, luxury & first access information, in close collaboration with Ekta

Silver Sponsors

  • Land Vault – the #1 digital real estate developer over 800% bigger than number two.
  • Creepy Creams – An early NFT project that focuses on gaming, metaverse presence, and play to earn mechanics.
  • Yen Gin – is the first NFT tokenised Gin membership club with all kinds of benefits as a member of their 92 Genesis NFT’s on Rarible. Their Gin will be at our events & everyone will get to try + be invited to a tasting event & bar show.
  • Wyndblast – The only sponsor built on AVAX with a play to earn focused model. Their game will be surrounding an auto battler / auto-chess type game (think Dota underlords or Teamfight tactics by LoL). They have all kinds of things including Forging, breeding, staking & currently have over 98% of their collection staked.
  • The Cyber Hornets – Focused on the entertainment industry in the form of Comics, gamefi & metaverse experiences. With DC artists & Marvel writers on their payroll, they are a sleeping giant we believe will pop off as they continue to deliver their roadmap. They also sealed a meaningful deal with TCG worlds & are building some pretty cool things!
  • Hunnys – Seen as the sisterhood of the NFT community, it is a female led project which aims to depict the human experience in conjunction to a highly technologically advanced society that have unlocked key secrets to biotechnology.
  • Mad Meerkat – The team has innovated at every corner & you can purchase their NFT’s with CRO tokens. They have an OG collection on ETH & a generative full collection on CRO. They are a robust community that always has people hanging out together in their voice chats
  • House Of Stoxx – Meir Barak with a strong following of over 100k traders who have learned from one of the best they are innovating with their NFT membership, focused on the financial aspects of NFT’s, education on trading & first access information. They will be guaranteeing a lifetime buyback clause for their NFT’s – capping the max risk should you decide to be a part of their movement. They will also be presenting on a panel with the dexpools team – as seen in a previous web3.0 partner announcement above.
  • Dexpools – a DEFI p2p platform focused on cross-chain interoperability, enabling a truly decentralised world of p2p trading.
  • Tokocrypto – Indonesian based CEX focused on education, community & enabling mass adoption. Built on BSC & supported by Binance.